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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our mission is to help individuals with disabilities obtain and sustain work.  

Under the Ticket to Work's Partnership Plus Program, LandAjob and Vocational Rehabilitation can work together towards helping Ticket to Work Beneficiaries find work, receive benefit and guidance to maintain their job. 

As a consumer directed service, LandAjob can provide up to $13,000 in job-related expenses over a three to five-year period for Ticket to Work Beneficiaries.

Interested in partnering?

Contact John Bertram, Director of Operations 


Call: 800.619.0111 x315

What's the Process?

LandAjob Provides Referrals to You

State Vocational Rehabilitation offices receive referrals from LandAjob.


You do what you do best and help Beneficiaries find work.


Provide Your  Services

You Refer Back to LandAjob

Once your work is finished, the Ticket holder is working, and the case has been closed after 90-days; refer them back to LandAjob.


LandAjob provides job resources, reimbursement services, benefit and work-incentive counseling.

LandAjob Provides

Reimbursement Services


Contact LandAjob to Develop a Partnership Today. is an Employment Network in the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work program.  We provide job resources, job-expense reimbursement services, and benefit and work-incentive counseling.